Beauty secrets of Male Celebrities of Korean Wave

[by Joy Kim] Lee Seung ki, Yoo Ah in, Cho Jung seok, Zo In sung, Song Seung hun- these are the hottest stars and actors at the moment. Their common factor is that they are all handsome and good looking. What would be the secret of male celebrity skin care and beauty? 

Even though they have different looks and personalities but they all have tall heights and good looking. From the screen, they look like if they have perfect skin even better than female celebrities.  

Male celebrities influenced the public. Now many men are interested at skin care and hair stylings and other beauty cares. Expressions like ‘Groomers’ and ‘Alpha-Esthetics’ are now often used as daily terms. 

Why not become perfect with flawless skin? Here are some crucial beauty tips for men. 

● Talk about Men and their Skin 

When compared to women, men have thicker skin and more sebum excretion. So it is easy to think their skin condition is not bad. However they have less moisture so it is likely to get dry and rough without proper care.    

Also thick skin prevents small wrinkles but once aging starts it happens fast. Also clogged pores will cause loosening effect and increase the size of pores. Also during in-between seasons, daily temperature range is huge and dry skin and sun rays irritate the skin. It is important not to skip the skin care. 

● Become Spring Dandy Guy with flawless skin 

Combination of drinking habits and late night shifts increase stress an aging. Also shaving process often remove dead skin cell which makes the chin area dry and fore head and cheek area to be oily. 

To find the balance, control the sebum excretion and give extra moisture to the skin. When washing the face, use warm water to open up the pore and use cleanser to make bubble to clean off the pores. Softly, give a gentle massage to the forehead and T-zone area with the bubble foam. 
Oil and lotion type of cleansers have less skin irritation. And don’t forget the remove the dead skin cells with scrubs. Dead skin cells can clog the pores and induce skin trouble. 

After washing the face, apply skin care products to add more moisture to the skin. Use Toner-Essence-Lotion for the skin care. 

It item >> Natural moisture face skin care 

- Nature Pore-refining facial tonic
- Vital Nourishing day moisturizer 
- Ecstasy Anti-aging moisturizer

Cosmetic brand Eaurganic represents Natural Moisture Face Skin Care set containing facial tonic and moisturizers for day-time and night-time. 

After washing the face, use tonic to remove the left over and apply Vital Daily Moisture to add the moisture. Before sleep, apply Ecstasy Anti-aging moisturizer to keep the skin healthy and firm. (photo by bntnews DB, Eaurganic) 

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