Beauty secrets to busy celebrities flawless skin revealed!

[by Gwak Min sun / translated by Chloe Yun] Everyone gets jealous of celebrities’ flawless skin. What is their beauty secret to keep skin healthy and glowing despite of their tight schedule? 

It is hard to keep healthy skin without special care. Of course, there are few lucky people who were born with good skin condition, but it is still not easy for them to protect skin from external stresses. Most of celebrities with perfect skin reveal that they pay much attention to skincare, from careful cleansing method to special skincare product to dermatological treatment. 

What kind of beauty products do celebrities use? Let’s fund out their secret weapon to flaunt flawless, radiant skin. 

◆Skin trouble NO! Professional trouble spot gel 

If you find out you got acne on your face in the morning, you would be depressed and lack of confidence all day long. We introduce a beauty product that calms irritated acne and erases the spot quickly. 

Natural, organic cosmetic brand Young Shop Story’s ‘AC Clear Magic Gel’ provides excellent antibacteria effect, quickly curing skin troubles and ease irritated skin.  It contains herbal vitalizing no. 5 which provides nutrition, treats acne spots, and accordingly helps keep smooth skin.  

‘AC Clear Magic Gel’ has got more attention since it was known to be a favorite product of the two K-pop stars, U-KISS’s Dong Ho and Rainbow’s Koh Woo ri. We highly recommend ‘AC Clear Magic Gel’ for those who look for an effective skin trouble care. 

◆ Essene to boost skin cell reproduction 

If you put a lot of products on your face, they would not be effectively absorbed to skin, no matter how good and expensive the products you use. Most women follow 4 steps—toner, essence, moisturizer, and cream in order—but it is okay to delete either moisturizer or cream step, for they have very similar effect. However, never forget the essence which provides skin with special nutrition! 

Young Shop Story’s ‘Nature Solution Skin Essence’ is a product that boosts skin cell reproduction. It has become popular as actor Kim Jae won and KARA’s Gyu Lee recommended it as their favorite. It has a smooth texture and great smell. Its orgainic ingredient NMF keeps skin moisturized all day long and controls water/oil balance. 

Especially, ‘Nature Solution Skin Essence’ is only made of natural, organic materials, excluding any chemical ingredients such as paraben, ethanol, and artificial coloring, so every skin type and age group can use it without worries. (photo by Young Shop Story)  

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