[Beauty Talk] New stars Jevice, what happed in LA hotel room?

[by Choi Hye min / photo by / translated by Cho Suyoun] New girl group Jevice was spotted at a hotel in L.A. They all dressed up in unique fashion and suggested 2013 S/S trend makeup.

This LA location pictorial shoot was processed in ‘Princess Beauty Diary’ concept. They all put on mini tiara, looking fancy and cute. They all did the shooting with wit and lovely poses and made the room brighter.

Here are suggestion of 2013 S/S beauty trend suggested by Jevice. What are ‘it beauty items’ chosen by girl group Jevice?

POINT 1. Juri, lips and cheeks with more red!

Juri made a romantic mood with dreamlike facial expressions. Juri, who has cool tone skin, made a unification of lips and cheeks in pink tone. She left out eye shadow color and focused on lips and cheeks with pink color to emphasize spring mood.

For pink lips like Juri, use a lip concealer to tone down the lips first. Then use a vivid color tint or lipstick and apply on lips naturally.

For cheeks, apply the pink blush on apple zone that comes out when smiling. When using a brush, try to apply from outer side to inside for a more natural color, and use a fix mist to make it last longer.

POINT 2. Hana, emphasizing with eye line and mascara!

Hana’s charming point is big eyes and to emphasize that, she put on eye makeup to look femme fatale. She minimized the use of blusher and focused on using eyeliner, mascara, and pearl shadow for a romantic eye makeup. She also made her skin tone brighter to emphasize the eye makeup.

Apply cream shadow on eyelid and make a gradation with brown tone shadow. At this point, applying white pearls under eyes and on eyelid will make eyes look bigger and deeper.

For a clear eye line, use black gel eyeliner and fill in-between eyelashes. Drawing underline with black color may look too much so use a brown shadow for softer image. Then connect the end point of eye with underline naturally.

>> What are Jevice’s beauty items found in L.A. hotel room? 

Beauty items that Juri and Hana spread on bed were spotted. TonyMoly’s best seller item backstage gel eyeliner is suggested for doing Hana’s eye makeup. Thixotropic gel used in the product is great when using with a brush and it is smoothly applied on eye and lasts for a long time. 

Along with the Backstage Gel Eyeliner, Double Needs Pang Pang Mascara #1 Volume Pang provides volume without sticking to eyelashes. It looks as if one put on artificial eyelashes. It lasts for a long time without smudging and makes one’s eyes look clear. The product is suggested for people with fewer eyelashes.

Prestige carrot lipstick that made Juri’s lips red provides bright color for a long time without applying it on several times. It gives moisture for in-between season so lip balm is not needed. (photo by bntnews DB)

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