′Berlin′ releases a teaser poster

The Berlin File (previously, Berlin) has finally released a teaser poster leading up to its premiere.

The teaser poster released on December 18 shows Ha Jung Woo, Han Seok Gyu, Ryu Seung Bum and Jun Ji Hyun inside thick captions reading ′The Berlin File′.

Han Seok Gyu poses with a rifle in a field of reeds, while Ryu Seung Bum seems to be staring at someone with sharp eyes. Ha Jung Woo looks up in a dark jacket, and Jun Ji Hyun′s profile gives off a mysterious feeling.

The landscape of Berlin, unfolding behind the caption, heightens anticipation for the action to take place across the city.

Netizens commented, "This is the best cast ever!" "The best actors with the best director!!" and "The director and actors have me looking forward to this film. I′m looking forward to next year."

The Berlin File is about secret agents who target each other for their own individual purposes in Berlin. It will premiere early 2013.

Photo credit: CJ Entertainment

Reporter : An So Hyoun (anso@cj.net)
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