Boyish Look is the keyword for 2012 winter season

[by Yoon Hee na / translated by Joy Kim] Boyish look is the keyword for this winter season’s hot trend.
From Boyfriend styles oversize jacket to military style, various boyish looks became a trend. To look more stylish, it is important to stay with mannish look rather than mixing with feminine items.
However, that does not mean it has to be exactly look like a man. By using the right items and mixing them will look sophisticated. If it feels too difficult, looking at the celebrities’ boyish styling will help. 
Oversize look

All fashionistas will be familiar with the term ‘oversize’ in fashion.  

Oversize look became this season’s hot trend and various oversize items are out. Probably the most popular item would be an oversize coat. Oversize coats give mannish and chic look.
Normally they have long length and they go well with skinny jeans. Also for the inner item, natural T-shirt or knit is a recommended item for a natural boyish look. 

Military look

Military items are one of the best options for the boyish look. 

Camouflage patterns can give strong impressions. Simplest way for the boyish look is to use camouflage patterned items. However, too-much styling will make it as a military uniform so it is better to use it as a point item. 

Bora from K-pop group SISTAR, wore a military coat which reminds of a military officer. Because of its gold button, it makes it more stylish and successful airport fashion. Also So-Hyun from 4minute chose camouflage patterned military jacket.  

Mannish look 

Tailored jacket with baggy pants represent the mannish look.  

To go for the mannish look, it is important to choose a jacket with boxy silhouette rather than slim jackets. Also matching with baggy pants is a good idea. It will add classical mood. For the pattern, checks and glen checks are the recommendation. 

Actress Jung Yu-mi wore boxy glen check jacket with pants pulling off simple and modern mannish look. For the accessories she chose a clutch with a fedora. (photo by Style Nanda, bntnews DB)  

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