Brown Eyed Girls reveal their concert teaser shots

The teaser shots of Brown Eyed Girls' concert, 'Tonight 37.2°C', was revealed.

On 8th, their agency released teaser shots and highlight video on the official blog, Facebook, and YouTube channel of Brown Eyed Girls.

In the photos, the members are each showing alluring poses and their sexy charms are grabbing many fans' attention.

The teaser videos will be released in order starting on next week, and it will show a couple's love, devastation, and revenge in erotic and stylish ways.

Especially, it is said that there will be an age limit for the concert.

The four members each will be expressing hidden desire and their allurement, and make a memorable Christmas to the fans.

On the other hand, 'Tonight 37.2°C' will take place on December 24th and 25th at Millennium Hall in CentralCity.

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