Celebrities choice for the awards, Smoky vs Red lips

[by Choi Hye min / translated by Kang Jung yeon] The end-of-year awards have come to an end. Each star showed off their characteristic of their own with dress.

The part that draws attention from the public the most is celebrities’ makeup and their dress. They emphasize the design of their dress and makeup showing new look.

What would be the makeup to stand out between parties? Celebrities express their image sexy by wearing smoky makeup and red lip makeup.

Fame Fatal with Strong Smoky Eye

Eyes look much stronger just with smoky eyes. Since the eyes look so strong, other parts of face should be done simply. 

If want to wear smoky makeup and to not to look as a stage makeup, choose a pencil type liner rather than a liquid type liner.

Draw a dot on the front, middle, and the end of the eye. Draw eye line by connecting those three dots makes it easier to draw an eye line. 

Be the sexy queen, Red lips

Wearing red dress and wearing a red lipstick as a point of a makeup makes the whole look luxurious and live.

Jeon Hye bin and Song Ji-hyo wore red lip makeup as a point. They also showed their sense of style by wearing a color matched dress with their lip color.

If think the red lipstick is too much or too strong, uses a lip tint to express the natural looking red lip makeup. Applying lip gloss after applying lip tint makes the lip look glossy and plumped.

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(photo by TONY MOLY, bnt DB)