Celebrities love winter denim looks

[by Kim Hee ok / translated by Joy Kim] Denim has been a must-have fashion item for many decades and has been evolving since. 

From casual look to formal look, denim is used in various occasions. Sexy or lovely, denim goes well for any looks and it is proven by many celebrities. 

Although denim is a season-less, steady seller item it is important to follow the trend. Let’s look at the celebrity winter denim look to find about this season’s denim trend. 

Denim jacket and shirt 

Denim jackets are no longer labeled as retro. Because now people are matching with denim skirt and wear it over rock-chic look which makes it sophisticated and different. 

K-pop idol singer Hyo Young wore a denim jacket over pattern skirt and a belt with peplum details. Also denim items are not hard to find from idols’ airport fashion. 

Miss A’s Min and Zia showed a boyish denim look by matching accessories as a cap, beanie, and walking boots. 

Feminine denim look 

With a skirt, denim look can be feminine. 

K-pop girl group Girls Day’s Yura wore a mini denim dress with a cute bolero jacket. By just adding the beading details, her entire denim looked turned into a luxurious, feminine style. Denim dress and a cardigan is also a recommendation for cute, feminine denim look. 

Also to be look like Korean singer Ivy, vintage items matches with damaged denim skirt and for basic denim skirts, simple blouse and knit is a recommendation. 

Denim pants styling 

Everyone has at least a one pair of denim. So in other words, it can be difficult to look stylish with such an ordinary item. However, celebrities do work it out with denim items and they look stylish. 

Scarfs or mufflers are good fashion item to add something more to a denim look. Or knit printed shirt is also an idea. Korean celebrity Kim Na Young chose colorful outerwear over a denim pants and basic innerwear so it looks trendy. 

To look younger and active, roll-up denim pants is the answer. They match well with booties and walker boots. (photo by 2fb, bntnews DB) 

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