Celebrities nail art in just 1 minute

[by Yoon Tae hong / translated by Joy Kim] Who might be the nail mania among K-pop idols? Answer is Ji young and Hara from KARA, and Bom from 2NE1. They often upload their photos showing off their new nails.  

However, nail art has its downsides. To entirely dry the nail polish, it takes six hours. Nail polish dries faster in low temperatures so it would be smart to put nail polish in refrigerators or put hands in cold water after fishing the nail art. 

Recently, nail art stickers out and they have reduced the time to 1 minute. It is easy to handle and cheaper than visiting a nail salon. Once it is applied, it normally lasts a week. Here are some reviews of different types of stickers including Solid, French, Patterns.   

Solid vs Ombre 

Solid nail means it used single color. This season’s nail trend is all about nude. Apply skin colored nail as a base color and add green or purple on ring finger to look chic. 
Ombre nail means it used gradation. Apply the darkest color as the base and medium dark color on the middle and brightest color at the end. Make sure the three colors are well blended and apply the top coat to last long. 

French vs Patterns 

Use skin tone color as a base and apply white color on the end of the nail. The shape of the nail should be square type. Base color should be light. Use a thin brush to color the French line. After drawing the French line apply the top coat. 

After applying the top coat twice, drawing patterns like flowers, stars, cats are also popular. Make sure the base is dried before drawing a patter. When drawing a complicated pattern, use a nail brush, tooth pick, or a pin. 

Stone decoration vs Nail Sticker 

On the base coat, enamel with lighter color and fully dry. Apply nail glue on stones and put 
on the enamel one by one. Than glue it once more to last long. For the finish apply top coat. 

Or use nail stickers. For example, nail brand Jessica Bling released stickers with various designs and sizes. Choose the right size and stick on to the nail. Remove the left overs using a nail file. (photo captured from Kang Ji young, Koo Hara’s Twitter, Seri’s Metoday, 2NE1 music video and Jessica Bling)   

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