Celebrities show up at Princess Diana Exhibit

[by Chloe Yun / Photo by Kim Gang Yoo] On April 3 there was held Princess Diana Exhibit at Gangnam Gallery Hyundae, and many celebrities including Lee Yo-weon, Kim Hee ae, So E Hyun, Kim Young kwang, Lee Jong suk, Jung Suk won, and Lee Hyun woo attended. 

Princess Diana Exhibit, sponsored by TOD’S, was launched in Milan, and has been distributed worldwide, displaying 40 selected pictures of Princess Diana. 

According to a source at TOD’S, it also sponsored publishing photograph collection, called “Timeless Icon,” and part of sale will be devolved to Clic Sargent, a leading charity organization supporting children and young people with cancer and their families. 

Meanwhile, Prince Diana Exhibit opens in Korea from April 3 to 7. 

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