Celebrity accessories and jewelries on red carpet

[by Kim Hee ok / translated by Joy Kim] With award season upon us, it is time to address the red carpet looks from the celebrities and jewelries. To show their beauties, celebrities are not afraid to wear tube-top dress or dresses with some skin exposure.  

Here are some red carpet examples from the recent Blue dragon awards. 

Hwang Woo Seul Hye’s Goddess like styling with white  

Korean actress Hwang Woo Seul Hye chose white gown covered with race. V shaped neckline revealing some of her cleavage. She looked feminine and with a black belt emphasizing her waist line. Her white dress looked pure and sexy making her  

For accessories, she chose diamonds for the accessories. Her dropped earing and two different types of rings made her look glamorous and splendid. 

Yoon Ji ni wins the jewelry styling match 

Although leaving out the necklace is a trend, actress Yoon Ji ni decided to wear dazzling necklace for her red carpet look.

On her skin-pink colored dress, bead details shows the elegance and accessories with feminine details add the glam. Her earing was simple but the bold bracelet and necklace made the statement. If there were jewelry styling competitions among the red carpet celebrities, she would have been the winner. 
Kwak Hyun hwa, mannish dress with cute accessories 

Kwak Hyun hwa took the spotlight with a dress showing some of her cleavage line. Her dress color and pattern had mannish feeling but she chose a lovely ribbon shaped jewelries which became a twist. 

Her short-cut hair and black dress give chic and uptight look but her ribbon shaped bracelet was lovely. Like her, matching cute jewelry item over chic look will give a unique look. (photo by bntnews DB, Mucha)   

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