Celebrity nude makeup live coverage

[by Park Young jun / translated by Kang Jung yeon / photo by Jang Young ran] Kim Tae-hee, Moon Chae won, Son Ye jin, and Lee Min jung is well known for having flawless skin. They always swear natural makeup. Minimal nude makeup is one of the beauty trends for 2013 S/S.

Nude makeup makes the woman look pure and mature. With clear skin expression with base makeup and least makeup, the whole point of the makeup is to look natural.

Makeup artist TIP! Moisturizing is important for makeup

Before the makeup clear and moist skin should be the base. After the cleansing, evenly apply the Mist Solution from Reskin.

Facial mist moisturizes the skin from inner body and builds a moist shield on face. It keeps the fine powder and foundation from getting into pore. Mist Solution, a product of Reskin vitalizes skin immediately.

Brighten up the eye are using eye patch. Putting on makeup after using the eye patch makes the makeup to go well with the skin and makes the skin tone even. Keeping the eye patch in the refrigerator gives cooling effects which make it more effective.

Makeup artist TIP! Use Whitening BB Cream

To correct the skin tone, use W Lab System 7 Whitening BB Cream. After the BB Cream, use the MULE artist natural founcealer. It is a combination of foundation and concealer which has high coverage.

Simple and minimal nude makeup is 2013 S/S beauty trend. The characteristic of the skin tone makeup is to skip too much highlighting or shading. Adding a peach color blusher is enough.

Makeup artist TIP! Thin eye line, least amount of mascara and lip gloss

When drawing an eye line, draw as thin as possible like just drawing a connection line between eyelashes to eyelash. Use Long Lash Mascara to make the eye look bigger.

Finish the lip makeup with pink color lip gloss instead of lipstick. 

Used products

Reskin Mist Solution, Reskin Whitening BB Cream, Jung Saem Mool MULE artist natural founcealer, Clinique Super Balm Lip gloss

(Model An Hyun hee / custume by KayeSu by Kim Yeon Ju / makeup Jung Saem Mool Inspiration East)

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