Cho Yeo jeong, sexy pinup girl

[by Kang Jung yeon] Korean actress Cho Yeo jeong had a pictorial taken as a pinup girl.

Man’s style magazine GEEK chose Cho Yeo jeong as the actress who spent the hot 2012. 

For the pictorial, she had a makeover to a pinup girl. She showed her legs wearing long top. The long top she is wearing makes the playing of illusions that she is not wearing shorts.

She made some bold poses crouching down, or bending.

During interview she talked about her acts. She said she never looks back after she made a decision. Recently, her performance in a drama using a dialect was called into question. 

She said she is not okay about what public is saying, but she is not trying to hide from it or avoid it. She added that it’s not the act she means, but she just does it because the acting is what she enjoy and love.

The pictorial of Cho Yeo jeong will be on December issue of GEEK magazine. (photo by GEEK magazine)

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