Choi Si Won tells a story about his father

Choi Si Won told a story about his father.

On 28th, Super Junior's Choi Si Won appeared on MBC 'Section TV', and talked about his father, who gets talked about often in TV shows.

Choi Si Won said, "My father woke up in morning, and asked me what I said on TV. He told me he never received so many text messages."

As the reporter asked, "Maybe not the entire MBC, but do you think you'll be able to afford all these flowers?", Choi Si Won replied, "Just flowers?" and made people laugh.

Previously, Lee Teuk made a joke that Choi Si Won is wealthy enough to buy the entire MBC in a TV show.

On the other hand, Choi Si Won is casting in drama 'The Drama King', which will premiere on November 5th.

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