Chosen by celebrities, best accessories are necklaces

[by Kim Hee Oak / translated by Joy Kim] Last summer was all about layering bracelets but necklaces are back for fall and winter. Also fashion keywords such as layer, bold became hot so accessories styling is getting glamorous.  

In winter, people wear darker clothes so adding accessories can be a good idea to look stylish and fashionable. Celebrities are showing various types of necklace styling and here are some examples and popular designs.  

1. Ethnic jewelries  

Bold and fabulous beaded necklace with details are popular item for the season. Bold necklaces with antique style were often seen from the celebrities red carpet look. It matches well on sexy tube top dresses. 
Also they can be matched to feminine style as well. It adds elegance to the entire look. To feminine style, rough, edgy metal designs were popular. 

2. Collar necklace 

This item will vamp up the entire look. Or it can add cute and loveliness. It is loved by girl groups and idol stars.  

Idea of collar necklace came from fashion brands and their fake collars. It got popular over time and it has evolved to jewelries as well. It adds glamour to dull looks so celebrities and fashion people prefer collar necklaces.  

3. Necklace Layering 

As bracelets, now necklaces are often layered to make style. Avoid using too much of them and use only two or three necklaces with simple designs. 

Eunjung from girl group T-ara wore a long necklace over her top. Accessory styling using necklaces are often seen in celebrities’ airport fashion. When using a short necklace, open up the buttons to show the item and choose a top with V-neck rather than U shaped top. (photo by Mucha, bntnews DB) 

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