Dal Shabet Makes Surprise Visit on ‘Ad Genius, Lee Tae Baek’ Set

Dal Shabet members recently made a surprise visit to the set of the drama Ad Genius, Lee Tae Baek.

On February 22, the Dal Shabet members visited the drama set to cheer its member A Young on during her shoot.

A Young, who was unaware that they would be visiting, was said to have cried in happiness and showed her members around the set in excitement.

Not only did Dal Shabet cheer A Young on, the members gave out drinks to all of the staff members on set, encouraging and cheering them on for their hard work.

A Young commented, “It’s my first time acting in a traditional drama so I was very nervous and I felt lonely being apart from the members of Dal Shabet because we always performed together.”

She continued, “There was no hint of their surprise visit even this morning at our place. I had no idea that the members were coming today. I feel so encouraged and I feel like I can do better today for the shoot.”

Dal Shabet responded, “We were concerned for A Young, but we are so proud to see A Young do well on the set. We wish the best for all the actors and staff of Ad Genius, Lee Tae Baek.

Photo Credit: Raemongraein

Reporter : Hani Park (phnsks8@gmail.com)
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