‘Faith' Lee Min Ho's particular affection for his sword

Lee Min Ho's particular affection for his sword in 'Faith' is becoming a hot issue.

Lee Min Ho is recently casting in SBS drama 'Faith', and he is drawing many people's attention with his particular affection for his sword, bringing it around everywhere he goes.

He should be carrying around with him since he is casting as the best fighter in Koryo, but it is said that even when he is on his break or rehearsals, he can't do anything without holding on to it.

According to an official, Lee Min Ho started getting martial art training in March, and he even invited experts to learn different movements.

The production team also specially ordered a sword that fits Lee Min Ho's height, and Lee Min Ho has been going through endless practices with the sword.

An official even said that it's all thank to Lee Min Ho that Choi Young can fight so well, and he showed some amazing movements and tricks during shootings.

Especially, when teaching how to use a dagger to Eun Soo(Kim Hee Sun), he showed quick and skillful movements as well.

In the drama, the sword was given by Moon Chi Hu, who was the captain of Red Moon Unit, and it is also the symbol of Choi Young's love for Eun Soo, because he is guarding Eun Soo safe with the sword.

It is also said that the sword appeared in the drama more often than any other actors.

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