[Fashion Report] All about PSY and his Gentleman style

[by Lee Hyung jun / translated by Joy Kim] Global star PSY is now a record breaker in many ways.

PSY’s new song Gentleman has now more than 2 hundred million views in YouTube and ranked 12th in Billboard main chart which blasted off to 5th afterwards. Also PSY has a record of fastest 100 million views in YouTube. In addition, he is first South Korean artists to put his name on Billboard main chart Hot 100 in a row. 

As PSY’s new song is getting enormous reactions from the world, his fashion style became also an issue among public. Starting from ‘Gangnam Style’, PSY shows unique styling and fashion sense using various fashion items and accessories.  . 

From his recent concert Happening, he showed various Gentleman styles with suits. With jacket with shoulder pads, jacket without collars, and suits with cubic details and oxford shoes. Like his performance, his fashion showed his powerful presence on stage. 

At the press event, he wore a jacket without collars in snake prints. On stage, he chose to wear jackets with cubic details. The difference between Gentleman and Gangnam Style is that with suit, he wore baggy pants with wide belt which makes him much easier to dance. 

For the Gentleman style, various items is used but the main accessory were his sunglasses. Now sunglasses became his trademark. Without sunglasses, PSY looks incomplete. . 

Most of time, PSY wears sunglasses with unique frame with different shapes. Using various types of sunglasses, he manages to pull of his style.  

Especially, on Happening press event, he wore handmade sunglasses made from France which became instant buzz among fashion people. It has over-sized design with white colored frame looking trendy and unique.  

Meanwhile, fans were wowed by his performance and fashion styles. And they wished for PSY’s long run at Billboard chart as well.  

Recommendation for Gentleman Style 

Eyewear brand Autre’s ‘AS-2516B’ model has vivid colored frame and available in seven different colors so it is wearable in summer season as well. 

Andre Kim’s ‘AKS-6834A’ model is similar to PSY’s oversized sunglasses. It will add style to casual look and airport fashion. (photo by Bando Optical, bntnews DB) 

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