[Fashion report] What makes the actresses on red carpet extra special? Shoes!

 [by Joy Kim] On 9th of May, The 49th Paeksang Art Award was held at Grand Peace Hall, Seoul. For the event, top celebrities and people from movie industry made a visit. As if proving their class, celebrities’ red carpet look caught many people’s eyes. 

With gorgeous evening gowns and fashion accessories, it looked like if it was a fashion show on red carpet. Some celebrities showed their fashion sense by using unique and glamorous items, shoes. Especially, actress Kim A joong, Kim Min hee, Suzy, and Park Ha sun chose perfect matching shoes with their image and style. 

Park Ha sun, shows classic beauty in black color

To start with Park Ha sun, she chose to wear off shoulder black long gown with naturally put down hair. She looked like a classic beauty from a movie from 1920s. To add extra, she chose to wear a pair of black shoes with ribbons made out of ribbons from local brand Jinny Kim. It surely added the glamour to the look. 

Kim Min hee, going for luxury and sexy 

Actress Kim Min hee wore halter-neck style long dress with showing off her bare back. Proved how to look luxury and sexy at the same time. With the dress, she chose to wear T-strap black heel which caught many fashion people’s eye. She did not have to wear heavy stones or clutch to look stylish. With simple earrings she showed simple is the best. 

Kim A joong, becomes glamorous host 

Kim A joong became the host of the event two years in a row. For the event, she chose to wear tight fit evening dress in nude tone color. For the shoes, she chose to wear the same color as her dress. However, the styling point was at the heel of her shoes. Its unique design of heel covered with golden butterflies The shoe is from collaboration project with jewelry designer with shoe brand Perche.  

Meanwhile, the 49th Paeksang Arts Award was held and 27 awards were presented to each winner. 13 awards were presented to film section and 15 awards were presented to TV section. The entire ceremony was broadcasted live through JTBC. (photo by bntnews DB, Jinny Kim, Perche)  

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