Figure queen Kim Yuna collaborates with musical Les Miserables team

[by Cho Suyoun] Figure queen Kim Yuna is collaborating her new ice show with musical LesMiserables Team.

World Figure queen Kim Yuna will hold a new ice show from June 21st to 23rd and she announced that she will do a collaboration musical ice show with Les Miserables team. 
Kim has been presenting many ice shows but this upcoming one supported by Samsung Galaxy and Smart Air Conditioner is very different in that it is a very extraordinary ensemble of musical and figure skate.

For this ice show, the two teams are working together for videos, music, and dances. In addition, there will be musical stars from musical ‘Les Miserables’ appearing on the ice show with Kim Yuna. Kim’s director David Wilson has planned the dance moves in detail to complete a perfect show. 
Meanwhile, the tickets for ‘Samsung Galaxy ★ Smart Air conditioner All That Skate 2013’ will be sold on Interpark website and the ice show will be held from 21st to 23rd of June at Seoul Olympic Park Ice Link. (photo by Interpark)

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