First Love makeup of Suzy? Just like this

[by Beauty team / translated by Kang Jung yeon] In the movie Architecture 101, Suzy acts a boys’ first love. 

Her acting shook everybody’s’ heart when the two main character kissed. However, the thing that captured eyes was her white clear skin and cherry-red lips.

The white clear skin and cherry-red lips is probably the most wanted between women. What would be the way to express this skin and lips?

Smooth bright skin expression
When expressing first love, expressing smooth bright skin is important. Use oil-free product is a good way. Use oil-free base. To express skin tone brighter, use foundation or B.B Cream little brighter color with makeup brush.

Grease from face can make face look toned down, so try to control grease time to time. Patting T-zone with sponge or facial tissue is the way to control grease on face. The person who has oily skin is recommended to use oil control paper or powder.

Express peachy cheek
If express peachy cheek, the face look younger. Choose the blusher that goes well with skin tone, yet choosing pink color instead of orange or beige adds some innocent look. Especially, nude pink color without glitter can completes the natural peachy cheek.

Applying blusher diagonal line should be avoided. People usually use it in diagonal line to give shading effect. However, putting blusher round movement make the person looks younger.

Secret to moist lips
Since the skin has expressed matt, lip should be expressed moist. To do this, using lip gloss or lip balm is better than lipstick. Using lip tint is on way too.

However, Using lip tint makes lips dry, if used for a long time. Lip essence instead of lip tint is recommended or people who has a dry lips. Love Heart Lip essence by Brilliant keeps lips moist and make lips to look in pink color.

Products for Suzy makeup
Love Heart Lip care 3step system by Brilliant
Cream On blusher by Shu Uemera
Dior Addict Lip Polish by Dior

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