FT Island Lee Jae Jin, To Join the On Style’s ‘Fashion Killa’

[by Sunghee Park] FT Island’s Lee Jae Jin is joining the On Style’s stylist battle reality ‘Fashion Killa.’

Recently, in order to replace the empty spot of Lee Hong Ki, who had to stopover because of the accident, On Style decided to join Lee Jae Jin into the ‘Fashion killa’ team. Lee Jae Jin will be found on the screen from episode 3, which will be broadcast on December 4. 

One official from ‘Fashion Killa’ said, “Lee Jae Jin who felt sorry about Lee Hong Ki’s accident, accepted the production team’s offer to replace the spot of Lee Hong Ki. In one interview, Lee Jae Jin said, “I really like fashion and have a great interest into it. I am ready to become a fashionista through this fashion program ‘Fashion Killa.”

Partnering with Stylist Jun Jin Oh, who used to take a charge of Dynamic Duo and FT Island’s styling, Lee Jae Jin is planning to maintain the competition for 4 weeks. Stylist Jun Jin Oh has been famous for transforming Lee Hong Ki into the Andy Warhol, winning over the competition in first episode of ‘Fashion Killa.’

Meanwhile, Style competition program ‘Fashion Killa’ will be broadcast on every Sunday 10 PM at On Style channel. (photo by CJ E&M)

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