FTISLAND starting their Japan Arena Tour today

FTISLAND are starting their Japan Arena Tour, 'FTISLAND ARENA TOUR 2013 - FREEDOM'.

FTISLAND released their 3rd Japanese regular album, 'RATED-FT', on June 12th, and they will be having 11 concerts in 7 different cities of Japan, meeting up with approximately 100,000 people.

FTISLAND will be performing songs of many different styles during the tour, and present the best concert experience to their fans.

FTISLAND members prepared some great repertoires for the tour, and they will be performing in Miyagi and Sendai on June 15th, Shizuoka on 22nd, Nagoya on 25~26th, Nagano on July 7th, 10~11th in Tokyo, and 13~14th in Saitama.

On the other hand, 'RATED-FT' includes a great number of song written by the members, and it is currently getting some great reactions in Japan.

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