G-dragon released new mini album’s track list. New title song Crayon

[by Kang Jung yeon] G-Dragon is making a comeback with his mini album. The track list of his album is officially posted on YG Entertainment’s official blog on Sep. 3rd.

His first mini album, Crayon, includes 7 songs and will be announced on Sep.15.

G-Dragon wrote and produced the new album with producer Teddy. The word ‘Crayon’ stands for ‘Crazy +G-dragon’ and shorten from ‘Crazy On’. It means that G-dragon is crazy on something.

G-dragon, also known as main producer of group Big Bang, wrote the music and lyric of all seven songs. Especially, unlike his other album, this album was featured by lots of famous singers in Korea.

The most notable song in this album is ‘eventually’. The reason why it is notable is because this song is featured by anonymous and marked with a question mark. On the album case where it shows who featured this song is only says ‘ ? of YG new girl group’ instead of the name of the singer.

A sound source of this mini album, ‘One of a kind’, will be announced on Sep. 15. and the album will the announced on Sep. 18.

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