'Giant Baby' idols continuing their domination

'Giant Baby' idols are drawing many fans' attention.

'Giant Baby' means those who are young but very mature physically, and since there are so many tall idol stars these days, it's not hard to find them.

First of all, f(x)'s Sulli and miss A's Suzy are the youngest members in their groups, and they are currently the hottest and most beloved female idols.

Furthermore, Jin Woon, who is 185cm tall, is the youngest and tallest member of 2AM, and he is showing off his masculine charms through various TV shows.

100%'s Sang hoon is also being called 'Giant Bebe' among many fans.

Sang Hoon is recently growing largely popular among many fans with his charismatic look and charming smile.

As such, many youngest members are dominating on the field these days, and many fans are showing great anticipation for their much more successful career.

Netizens made comments, such as "They missed KARA's Gang Ji Young", "That's impressive", and "Who will be the new Giant Baby?"

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