Girls' Generation introduced in England

An English press highly complimented Girls' Generation.

Recently, an English press reported about Girls' Generation under the title of ''K-POP Princesses' are coming after PSY's 'Gangnam Style''.

They reported, "Girls' Generation will be releasing an English album next year, and officially start their promotion for English-speaking countries."

They also said, "They released the English version of 'The Boys', which was the title track of their 3rd album, and they have enough charms to take the baton of PSY."

Many experts also said, "Girls' Generation have charms that many foreigners can approach easier. Their charms are wickedly contagious. They will be able to maintain the K-POP influence for a long time."

Netizens made comments, such as "Can't wait for them", "I really hope they will be successful", and "Hope they will grow into even bigger stars."

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