'Grace of Gentleman' Jang Dong-gun bringing 'Dojin Syndrome'

Jang Dong-gun is making a 'Dojin Syndrome' with his professional acting.

Recently, in SBS drama 'Grace of Gentleman', Dojin(Jang Dong-gun) broke up with his lover, So Yi Soo(Kim Ha-neul), because of his son, Colin(Lee Jong Hyun)'s appearance.

Dojin had nothing he could do except for just keep looking at her, and his wordless, but emotional acting touched viewers' hearts.

Netizens made great compliments, such as "Dojin's acting was so sad" and "Sophisticated. Jang Dong-gun is perfectly Dojin himself!"

An official said, "Jang Dong-gun never lets the scripts off of his hands, and he never loses his focus. Furthermore, he never loses smiles even after exhaustive shootings, and he's always taking care of others first."

The reason why Jang Dong-gun is so highly complimented is because even though it's been two decades since he debuted, he never loses his modesty and he always completely becomes the character itself every time he gets a new role.

On the other hand, 'Grace of Gentleman' is currently continuing its domination over other weekend drama.

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