Gu Ha-ra reveals a handwritten letter for the fans

Gu Ha-ra revealed her handwritten letter for the fans.

On January 13th, KARA's Gu Ha-ra uploaded a handwritten letter titled 'To. My Fans♡".

On the letter, she wrote, "Hello! This is Ha-ra. It feels quite strange to write a letter with my hand. 2013! Happy new year! The weather is freezing these days. Eat a lot of warm foods, and take care of your health!"

She continued, "Don't worry about us, because we are doing just fine! You know we are all healthy people. I don't know how to continue, because I have not written letters much. I feel so shy. Do you always go through long thoughts just as I do when writing letters to us?"

She also wrote, "It's my birthday today! So, I decided to express my thanks for your huge love and support through this letter. I don't know how to express this overwhelming thanks that I feel for your support. I always want to do better, but I guess I'm just still too young."

Lastly, she added, "I will do even better in 2013. I hope the best of lucks will be with all of you this year, and I also hope you will achieve whatever you intend to. I love you~♡."

On the other hand, netizens made comments, such as "Her writings are so cute", "She is so nice", "Her handwriting is as pretty as her face", and "Have a great year!"

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