Han Hye Jin, perfect choice for the upcoming winter makeup

[by Kim Hee ok / translated by Joy Kim] Korean actress Han Hye Jin is known for her personality and beauty.   

Also she is a panel from a variety TV show and recently she came back to the screen as a main female character in the movie 26 Years. 

Normally she does not wear much makeup and goes for natural and soft look. However at the movie premier she is showing much more sophisticated and mature look with stronger eye makeup. 

Han Hye Jin’s soft and natural make up will be a good example for upcoming winter makeup. 

To give a boost to eye, even skin tone is important  

To look like Han Hye jin, the first step is to have an even skin tone. Also makeup should look natural.  

To express the natural skin, mix the base foundation with liquid highlighter in ratio of 3:1. When applying the mixture, it should be applied from wide side of the surface from the narrow side. Also repeat this from outside of the face to inner side. 

Next step is to apply the foundation. Make sure the foundation is with moisture and glow. After a good shake, apply from the wide side to narrow side. Powder is not necessary but it is okay to apply it on T-zone area. 
Than finish your skin makeup by using concealer to hide any faults. 

Make a deeper look with eye shadows 

One of her makeup points is that she uses brown to make her look more dramatic and vivid eye makeup. Choose a warm tone eye shadow which also matches the skin tone and hair color. Apply it as if you are drawing an eye line. It is easier to start with dark color eye shadow because it is easy to control the shading and it gives a mysterious look. 

With a brown eye liner, fill the eye lid and draw the underline starting from right under the pupil. 

Eye brows can be easily done with brown eye shadow. Fill them with a shadow and finish with brown eye brow mascara. 

Tone downed Cheek and lips 

To a soft glowing skin, tone downed pink cheek and lip makeup is a perfect match. Lips should be a pale pink or nude color. 

Also use a gold beam pink highlighter to add some color to glowing skin. Apply them at the apple zone. 

Its better when cheek and lip are in same color. Make sure to apply lip balm to the lips and use a concealer to tone down the natural color. When applying a lip stick, apply from the inner side of the lip. Than finish it with a lip gloss to give a little plump. (Photo by bntnews DB, Style Nanda) 

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