Han Sun Hwa talks about how she washes her face

Han Sun Hwa talked about how she washes her face.

On May 14th, SECRET's Han Sun Hwa appeared on SBS E! 'Seo In Young's Star Beauty Show Season 2', and showed a great confidence in her skin condition.

Han Sun Hwa said, "I usually care more about skin care than makeup. I have my own way of washing face. First, I scrub my face to the direction of my skin texture, and afterwards, scrub again to the opposite direction. If you scrub only to the direction of your skin texture, there still will be remains in your pores, and that's how you get skin troubles. You have to remove dirts in your pores thoroughly."

Han Sun Hwa also said, "I usually never do eye makeups, and I do a kind of makeup that accentuates my skin tone."

As MC Seo In Young highly complimented her skin condition, Han Sun Hwa said, "I have to give more care to my skin because I am confident about my skin condition."

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