Heat wave alert! How to overcome heat and stay stylish

[by Son Hyun joo / translated by Joy Kim] The government has been issuing heat wave alerts and seems like hot summer will never end. 
In hot and humid weathers, body is easily covered in sweat and heat. In tropical weathers, fashion should be light and simple. Cool and light fashion will bring energy to daily routine. 

When walking in the streets, it’s not difficult to find people dressed up with simple t shirts. With simple and easy styling, enjoy the summer and heats. 

Let the clothe breath, over sized items

In hot weather, oversized items are favored than tight items. They are easy to wear and they can be worn as hip hop and sporty style. 

Not all of the over sized items look as if it was borrowed from someone else. For styling, use items with color details and designs such as gold, black and white or lettering prints. To look stylish, what you need is a perfect t shirt.  

However, to protect our body from sun and UV rays, use hats and sunglasses. Raffia hats, 
snapback hats matched to sunglasses are perfect choices for daily RTW look and holiday looks. 

Cool Marine look 

Marine look is popular in summer, both to men and women. They are also season’s trend loved by various fashion people. 

Stripes look sporty and stylish. Various stripes are available in many colors and shapes, so choose the favorite ones to match with. They look great with cotton, denim pants and shorts. 

In 2013 summer, vivid colors and patterns became the main keywords. Various fashion items are out to choose from. When matched with hats, it will become a casual or dandy look without efforts.   

Where am I? Who am I? 

Still not sure how to wear in summer? Focus on exotic patterns and prints. Their prints and patterns will definitely standout. Because of the prints, you won’t need many accessories. 

Simple shorts, sneakers, or sandals are recommended fashion items. However don’t forget to wear items in simple in color and design. (photo by Nohongchul.com, MBC I live alone, Show Music Core!, I am a singer 2) 

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