Hollywood Starlet BoA Says, “Derek Hough was an Unforgettable Partner”

[by Park Yoon Jin / translated by Cho Suyoun / photo by Kim Chi Yoon] BoA, who recently made a debut in Hollywood through dance film ‘Make Your Move,’ expressed gratitude to the film director, staffs and co-stars at the showcase held in Seoul.

On April 11, a special showcase titled ‘BoA’s Love Letter’ was held at CGV Chungdam in Seoul. The showcase was hosted to promote her newest film ‘Make Your Move’ as she played Korean resident in Japan, Aya. At the showcase, some of the highlight scenes from the film were revealed to fans along with the music video of soundtrack ‘Let Me In.’

When she was asked about the most difficult part while filming, she answered, “Acting in English was very tough for me. But above all, dancing and acting together was the most difficult part for me.”

On this day, a special love letter written by BoA was shown on a big screen. To her partner Derek Hough, BoA mentioned, “My best partner and teacher, I was very happy to dance and act with you throughout the whole shooting and I’m thankful for all the helps you gave me.”

The participation of BoA in the film was processed as director Duanne Adler actively cast her. “Duanne told me that he came all the way to Japan to see my concert after watching my music old music video. While shooting ‘Make Your Move,’ he often told me that the character I played was created based on real me.”

Previously, it was known that EXO’s Kris, f(x) and TVXQ!’s U-Know played cameo roles or sang some soundtracks for the film. Accordingly, BoA also sent some appreciating words to people in her agency. 

‘Make Your Move’ is about Donny (Derek Hough) and Aya (BoA), who grew up in completely different environments falling in love as they understand each other through a medium ‘dance.’

As this is the Hollywood debut work for grand K-Pop star BoA, there were many fans and media at the showcase. 

The dance romance film ‘Make Your Move,’ produced by the crew of ‘Step Up’ and Duanne Adler, was released yesterday (April 17) in Korea and the U.S. (photo by bntnews DB)

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