Honey G Joins Busker Busker in Chungchun Music

Mnet Superstar K4′s Honey G has found a new agency, becoming the first team out of Superstar K4′s Top 12 to do so.

The group recently signed an exclusive contract with Chungchun Music, the new agency that also recently signed with Busker Busker.

With this, the stars of Superstar K4 and Superstar K3 have ended up in one agency.

Honey G received love calls from many different agencies, but decided to sign with Chungchun Music in the end due to its great skills in production.

Honey G said, "We want to thank everyone who supported us during Superstar K4. It′s like destiny, the way we came together through Superstar K. The three of us plan to continue preparing for our debut album with Chungchun Music."

A rep from CJ E&M, which has been in charge of managing Superstar K4′s Top 12, said, "Honey G is the first group to have been formed through Superstar K, and the three members managed to show some great teamwork despite the short time they′ve been together. We support Honey G′s decision, and we hope the group becomes one of Korea′s biggest vocalist groups."

Honey G was originally separate groups named Honey Brown and Fat Duo, but just before the live broadcasts, Lee Seung Chul came up with the idea of bringing the two together as one group, and the two teams made it into the live rounds as Honey G. The group made it up to the Top 7.

Photo credit: CJ E&M

Reporter : Ko Hong Ju (kohongju@cj.net)
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