Honey Lee Says It′s Too Early to be Talking about Marriage with Yoon Kye Sang

Kim Tae Woo′s small comment blew up to full-fledged marriage rumors regarding Honey Lee and Yoon Kye Sang.

At the sudden interest in her couple′s marriage, Honey Lee′s agency stepped up to clear up matters.

Kim Tae Woo had recently appeared in KBS1′s 1 Versus 100 to say that Yoon Kye Sang is currently the most probable to get married out of the g.o.d. members, sparking the new rumors.

The MC had asked on the show, "It′s already been 14 years since g.o.d.′s debut. You′re (Kim Tae Woo) married, but the other members aren′t. Who do you think will follow your lead next?"

Kim Tae Woo answered, "To be honest, since he′s in a relationship now, I think Yoon Kye Sang hyung (big brother) will tie the knot next."

He then joked, "I don′t know who will be next, but I′m sure it won′t be [Park] Joon Hyung hyung."

A rep from Honey Lee′s agency told enews regarding the comment, "Kim Tae Woo′s comment was just meant as a joke. The couple doesn′t have any plans yet on marriage, and it′s too early for such talk."

The rep added, "He was answering a question the MC asked on who he thought would get married next; it didn′t really mean that much. It′s only been two months since the couple started on its relationship. They are a great couple, but it′s too early to be talking about marriage."

In February Honey Lee and Yoon Kye Sang went public with their relationship, saying they had been seeing each other for a month.

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Reporter : Lee, JinHo (zhenhao@cj.net)
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