How Do Celebrities Keep Their Skin Glowing in Winter?

[by Park Yoon Jin] When cold air touches skin, it is affected immediately. It feels as if something sharp is scratching and skin gets dry all the sudden. Thus, one must protect skin with beauty items as if we wear winter clothes to stay warm.

Regardless of weather, celebrities seem to have glowing skin all the time. bntnews International has captured some of their beauty secrets they practice in winter.

The First Step is ‘Cleansing’

The crucial part in having clean skin is thorough cleansing. When the air is cold, skin cell becomes less active as well so dead cell could pile up if the skin is not cleansed well.

In dry winter, removing dirt with less cleansing steps is recommended since skin is very sensitive. One must make abundant foams so that skin is not irritated too much.

STYLENANDA 3 CONCEPT EYES’ Water Fit Cleansing Foam removes dirt without drying skin since there are palm seed butter ingredients that are effective in moisturizing.


Oil->Nursing Cream->Foundation
Applying some oil after cleansing helps moisturizing cream to be absorbed better. This is how celebrities often do to create perfect skin base before putting makeup on.

If skin type is extremely dry, mix a bit of oil with foundation and use a facial brush to apply thinly.

STEP-1 Face Oil. Facial oil provides nutrition and moisture immediately and keeps moisture locked inside of skin for long hours.

STEP-2 Nursing Cream. Nursing cream makes skin glowing as it provides all kinds of nutrients to skin.

STEP-3 Glossing Waterful Foundation. Skin can be expressed as if it is moist with lots of water. This foundation is excellent for glowing makeup.

What Causes Skin Darkening

Dark circle often appears in winter since blood vessels are contracted even more in winter. Blood circulation is less active so dirt and blood are piled up under eyes.

To avoid this condition, one must moisturize under eyes with oil or cream. Then applying a bit of concealer will hide the dark circle in much brighter way.

3 CONCEPT EYES’ Eye Brightener contains multi-reflection powder that brightens up the eye area. It provides soft focusing effect that makes entire skin much brighter. This product has soft brush applicator so it limits irritation on skin. (photo by STYLENANDA, bntnews DB)

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