How to use fashion items with prints to upgrade the style

[by Lee Hyung jun / translated by Joy Kim] Temperature is getting warmer and warmer and fashion people are into various printed fashion items.  

They are glamorous and unique and such an eye catcher. 2013 S/S season’s printed items are loved from both genders and all ages. Summer season is near and printed items will be perfect for layering and accessorizing. 
Printed items do not need extra details or accessories. Prints look unique and catchy by themselves. From t-shirt, pants, outerwear and more there are various fashion items with prints. 

Here are some tips to use printed item to upgrade the style and attract people 

▶ Glamorous print t-shirt, ‘no more dull fashion’ 

The hottest season’s best fashion item is printed t-shirt. T-shirt is the most popular fashion item in summer season. Now they are available in most unique and various designs. They are targeted to be selected by fashion people with personality. 

For people who enjoys funky look, geometrical patterns or skull pattern is recommended. Vivid colors and neon colors will add personality to the look. Also it will stand out in the crowd.  

During summer season, people wear less accessories than other seasons. So for men, they rather wear basic and simple items. To look stylish, why not try t-shirt with patterns? 

▶ Add point to style ‘Pants with patterns’ 

As well as t-shirts, there are various designs for pants using patterns. Most of men wear printed fashion item on top using jackets and shirts but printed pants are also glamorous. It will add uniqueness and attract people’s eye. 

There are various pants. Starting from comfortable baggy pants, suits pants, short pants – men can choose from many options for styling.  
When using fashion items with strong prints, for matching items, choose ones with simple and basic design. Too much will look unorganized and lost. One pattern per style is good. 

▶ There are no limits to printed item 

Printed items can be used to any fashion item. They are the best item to show personality. If patterns feel too much, start from simple accessory styling using bags and shoes. . 

For this season, leopard prints and camouflage pattern is the most popular pattern. It is loved by both genders. (photo by . 

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