Hyun Bin & Tang Wei's scandal brought up again

Hyun Bin and Tang Wei's relationship is getting a focus once again.

On 7th, it was found out that Tang Wei purchased a land property in Bundang, and the possibility of romantic relationship with Hyun Bin is getting people's attention once again.

Tang Wei casted in movie 'Late Autumn' with Hyun Bin in 2010, and she got involved into a scandal with him after being found out that she made a secret visit to Korea when Hyun Bin came out for a vacation from his military service.

Both of them denied it back then, but after this latest news, the public's suspect about their relationship is growing larger agin.

Especially, not many foreign stars get foreigner registration number from the government to purchase property, and because she bought property in Bundang, which is in the vicinity of Seoul, people's suspect is growing even larger.

On the other hand, Tang Wei attended the opening ceremony of 2012 Busan International Film Festival as well.

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