INFINITE's concert tour in Japan successfully finished

INFINITE successfully finished their first Japan arena tour.

INFINITE held their Japan Arena tour from October 27th until November 22nd, and had 8 shows in a number of different cities, including Nagoya, Kobe, Tokyo, and Fukuoka.

INFINITE performed a parade of their hit songs including 'Paradise', 'She's Back', 'Be Mine', and 'Come Back', and then thousands of people filled up each and every one of their shows, and screamed in cheers.

Furthermore, not only did they show amazing performances as usual, they also showed their musical talents by inviting a live band to play their background.

During their last show on 22nd, Dong Woo's surprise birthday party was held together, and the members had a very meaningful time with the fans.

INFINITE said, "We feel so grateful for Japanese fans' amazing love. We did our best during each and every shows to pay back the fans' love. It was a great experience to communicate through the fans in music and performance."

On the other hand, INFINITE's leader Kim Sung Kyu recently released his solo album 'Another Me'.

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