INFINITE's Kim Sung Kyu releases solo album on 19th

Kim Sung Kyu's solo album will be released today.

On 19th, Woollim Entertainment said, "INFINITE's leader, Kim Sung Kyu is releasing his first solo album, 'Another Me', on 19th."

The title track, '60 Seconds', is a rock number produced by Sweet Tune, who also wrote INFINITE's previous hits, including 'Be Mine' and 'The Chaser'.

Kim Sung Kyu will be expressing how a man feels after falling in love, and show his great vocal skill and musical talent through the new song.

Furthermore, INFINITE's L casted in the music video, and Kim Soo Yeon casted as his partner.

The music video was directed by Hong Won Ki, who directed music videos of Seo Tae Ji and Girls' Generation, and it will show a story about a couple's love and breakup.

Through his new album, Kim Sung Kyu, who showed impressive some amazing dances with other INFINITE members, will be showing a totally new look as a rocker.

His agency said, "We wanted to fully show Kim Sung Kyu's musical caliber in the album. We did not focus on any other things, but just music itself."

On the other hand, Kim Sung Kyu will start his promotion right after releasing the album.

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