IU makeup, key to the success of baby face makeup

[by Choi Hye Min / translated by Joy Kim] More and more women are interested at looking young and so are the beauty products. 

Even celebrities are now into more natural and pure makeup. In the past, celebrities in TV screen had rather strong and thick makeup. Now TV star’s makeup is getting lighter following the trend. 

Want to have lively baby-face makeup like TV stars? Why not look like IU? Here are the tips from IU makeup, to emphasize the bright skin and lively looking lip to look younger. 

Tip 1. Lips with moisture

Red lips with moisture means you have a lively and good skin condition. Adding on, red lips match the skin with bright complexion. Rather than strong red lips, use lip tint to give a little bit of red. 

IU uses lip tint on inner side of her lips or pink lipsticks. Also for skin makeup, she avoids using foundation with matte finish. 

When using a lip tint, gently tap the brush on center of the lip than make a natural gradation. If you want more color apply some more on the lip. To look natural, use finger tips to make gradation. 

Some lipsticks contain oil which keeps the moisture. So they are recommendable to baby face makeup and have moisturized lips. Use colors similar with the skin tone. It is important to check the actual color on skin. 


Rouge Essential Moisture Lipstick 

Saemmul Tint Aqua Red

Tip 2. Give skin enough moisture 

After the natural red lip makeup, check the skin condition. It will not look younger with dry skin. Because it is winter and air is cold and dry, moisturizing products should be in pouch. 

To keep the moisture all day long, aloe vera soothing gel is a recommendation. Facial massage or applying them will bring difference. 

IU is famous for her natural glowing makeup. She is one of the best celebrities who put on baby face makeup. Rather than giving too mush lust or sheerness, natural glow skin makeup is better for baby face makeup. 

After the lip and skin makeup, for the eye and the cheeks try to avoid vivid colors. Because vivid, strong colors can look glamorous and strong but they don’t look so young. 


Big Brother Aloe 95% Soothing gel 

Urban Eco Harakeke cream 

Urban Eco Harakeke essence 

Triplus hydrating ample 

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