IU & Yoo Seung Ho reveal a new pictorial

IU and Yoo Seung Ho's couple pictorial is becoming a hot issue.

On 18th, IU and Yoo Seung Ho, who are friends of same age, revealed their new fashion pictorial, and drew a lot of people's attention.

The photo shows IU and Yoo Seung Ho making chic facial expressions in stylish outfits, showing off their mature looks.

They had their third meeting through the pictorial, and it is said that they enjoyed a great time together, showing great poses and partnerships.

An official from the brand said, "As the shooting interview was broadcasted on TV, a lot of people requested releasing the photos, and also made a lot of questions about the clothes. We are expecting some great reactions for this one."

On the other hand, IU is having her encore concert 'REAL FANTASY 2012' in Seoul(September 22nd,23rd), and Yoo Seung Ho is recently casting in MBC drama 'Arang and the Magistrate'.

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