Jang Shin Young casting in new JTBC drama

Jang Shin Young is coming back with a new drama.

Jang Shin Young recently decided to cast in new JTBC drama 'Thorn Flower'. She will be casting as Semi, who turns from an innocent girl to a vengeful girl after getting tricked by two men."

Semi has a painful memory of getting raped, losing a family, and getting betrayed a man she loved, and she plans to make a revenge to those who drove her into such tragedies.

After getting devastated, she will turn into an attractive 'femme fatale', and carry out plots against big major companies and high authorities.

Since she will be showing two different sides of a character, many drama fans are showing great anticipation for her casting.

On the other hand, other actors who will cast in 'Thorn Flower' will be finalized soon, and the drama will premiere in February.

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