JEWELRY made a successful comeback with 'Hot & Cold'

JEWELRY are dominating with their new title track, 'Hot & Cold'.

On July 5th, JEWELRY showcased their new song, 'Hot & Cold', for the first time during July 5th broadcast of Mnet 'M!Countdown'.

JEWELRY went through a major transformation for their new album, and their new song became a hot issue as soon as their performance on the show finished. Their new song contains a great number of new sounds that were unprecedented in girl group music in the past.

Their great dance and live skill also deeply impressed many music fans.

As the full music video and track was released, JEWELRY's domination officially began. Rather than trying to look cute and lovely, they put comic looks on themselves, and the song is currently doing quite well in different online music charts.

JEWELRY joined the 'July Girl Group Battle' with one of the most attention-drawing concept, and it seems that their major transformation made a successful appeal to the public.

On the other hand, 2NE1, who released a new song called 'Falling in Love', came back with a reggae concept, and proved that pretty or sexy look does not bring success.

JEWELRY will be bringing out very unique promotion events as well, and many fans' anticipation is growing larger and larger.

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