Jung Joon young kissing Lee Chung ah caught!

[by Chloe Yun] Singer Jung Joon young and actress Lee Chung Ah revealed their kissing scene, getting much attention and jealousy of female internet users.

In the revealed picture, the ‘Super Star K4’ star and Lee Chung ah are passionately kissing on the street, giving off romantic couple atmosphere. It has swept the online communities as the photo was uploaded without any explanation on why they kissed. 

Moreover, their kissing photo took a lot of fans by surprise, not only because Jung Joon young has never acted on TV programs but also because Lee Chung ah started getting much attention as she revealed her romantic relationship with actor Lee Gi woo.

The reason why they kissed on the street is still veiled, and many internet users are guessing it would be part of Jung Joon young’s new music video. (photo by LUNE Communication).

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