Jung Seok Won to release his new drama and movie at the same time

Jung Seok Won's new drama and movie are getting released.

Jung Seok Won is recently shooting KBS 2TV drama 'Lovers of Haeundae', and he also finished shooting movie 'R2B: Return To Base' earlier this year.

Jung Seok Won drew people's attention with his comic character in drama 'Rooftop Prince', and he will be casting as an elite lawyer 'Choi Joon Hyuk'.

Furthermore, in movie 'R2B: Return To Base', he casted as an air force pilot 'Choi Min Ho', and he will capture people's attention with his tough and charismatic look.

An official from his agency said, "Jung Seok Won will have to manage both movie promotions and the drama shootings at the same time for a while. Even in such an exhaustive weather, Jung Seok Won is doing his best."

Jung Seok Won said, "Even though my schedule is very busy, I'm so glad to show different sides of me at the same time through the movie and the drama. I'll keep doing my best to become a better actor."

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