Kang Dong Won to cast in a new action movie with Ha Jung Woo

Ha Jung Woo is casting in 'Way of Warrior' with Kang Dong Won.

On 14th, ShowBox MediaPlex announced that Ha Jung and Kang Dong Won decided to cast in new action movie 'Way of Warrior'.

'Way of Warrior' is a movie with the background setting of 19th century Choson, and it is a movie about a fight between thieves who try to help poor people and high officials who only seek ways to expand their fortune.

The movie is raising many people's anticipation, because it will be directed by director Yoon Jong Bin, who directed 'Nameless Gangsters' earlier this year.

Yoon Jong Bin succeeded in persuading Kang Dong Won, who just recently finished his military service, and he will be bringing another major hit.

On the other hand, the crank in of 'Way of Warrior' will take place in early 2013.

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