Kim Bum Talks about his First Love and First Kiss

Participating in the special ‘Touch Show,’ Kim Bum shared his own personal experiences with touch.

The event took place at the UNIQLO in Kwangjang-dong in Seoul on February 14, where he and actor Kim Kang Woo participated in a magic show for the promotion of their new movie, Psychometry.

During the magic show, magician Lee Jun Hyung asked a series of questions to Kim Bum, including his first love experiences.

“I did have one,” replied Kim Bum on his first love. When asked about his first kiss, he answered, “I was 19 years old and I did it in front of my girlfriend’s house.”

All the girls screamed in jealousy upon hearing the story, creating a bright atmosphere at the event.

Psychometry will premiere on March 7.

Photo Credit: King Kong Entertainment

Reporter : Grace Danbi Hong (
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