Kim Hee Sun reveals her IQ

Kim Hee Sun revealed her IQ.

On 17th, Kim Hee Sun appeared on SBS 'Healing Camp'.

During the broadcast, MCs said, "There's a rumor that you have a pretty face, but not so smart brain." Then, Kim Hee Sun said, "What's wrong being not so smart? If I was stupid, I wouldn't be here."

She continued, "Would you prefer a smart, thorough, and shape girl, or a girl who's a bit less smart, but cute?"

Then, MC Han Hye Jin said, "If you are not smart, you won't be able to memorize the scripts. Someone I know gave up on acting because she couldn't memorize the scripts."

Kim Hee Sun also said, "I had IQ test when I was in school, and my IQ was 138. I heard Kim Hye Soo's IQ is even higher than mine."

On the other hand, Kim Hee Sun told that she gets blood transfusion regularly, because she has anemia.

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