Kim Tae Hee’s “Horrifying” New Bed Ads Raises Eyebrows

Yikes! Are these images from Kim Tae Hee’s latest photo shoot or scenes from a horror movie?

Kim Tae Hee recently became the spokes model for the bedding brand, Allerman and successfully shot her first promotional ads for the brand.

However a few of the promotional images are raising eyebrows and providing a bit of humor for netizens for their optical illusion effect.

In a few of the images, Kim Tae Hee is seen, looking beautiful as usual, while resting comfortable under the sheets on a fully-made bed.

While such an advertisement would seem normal by any standard, a closer examination of Kim Tae Hee’s left hand is enough to send chills down one’s spine as Kim Tae Hee is seen smiling peacefully but her left hand looks as though it has been cut off.

The optical illusion is created by Kim Tae Hee tucking her hand being her head or resting it on the side of her head (or perhaps, just a really bad Photoshop job) but it was enough to catch viewers by surprise at the sight.

Netizens humorously commented, “Someone hurry and find Kim Tae Hee’s hand!”, “I literally had goose bumps” and “A bedding advertisement has now transformed into a horror movie poster.”

Something tells us this isn′t quite the sort of attention the brand was looking for when it hired Kim Tae Hee!

Photo Credit: Allerman

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