Kim Woo Bin Filled His Empty Stomach with Water during Rookie Years

He might be the hottest thing right now, but it took a long time before Kim Woo Bin got to where he is now.

On April 2, Kim Woo Bin appeared as a guest for SBS’ Incarnation, where he shared about his rookie years.

“When I first came to Seoul to start model work, I felt bad asking for financial support from my parents, so I lived in the sauna for about six months.” said Kim Woo Bin. With a lot of hesitation, he explained that he did a lot of model work, but his company was going through tough times and did not pay Kim Woo Bin.

“I used to fill my stomach with water because I didn’t have money to pay for food,” revealed Kim Woo Bin, shocking the MC panel. He even snuck into the saunas since he didn’t have any entrance fees.

“I’m so happy now though. I’m doing things that I wanted to do,” said Kim Woo Bin. He revealed that his friend, Jang Mi Kwan, is also doing well, working as a well-known model.

However, during this hard time, Kim Woo Bin had a friend, who was also dreaming of becoming a model. Whenever one got discouraged and wanted to throw the dream away, the other would stop him and help each other out.

"My favorite phrase is, ‘God only gives struggles to people who can overcome it.’ I saw it in a book and it helped me out so much,” shared Kim Woo Bin.

The company ended up collapsing with the CEO running away with all the money, but luckily, Kim Woo Bin was able to get signed with a better company with trustworthy staff.

Photo Credit: SBS

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